Man Lift Hire

Compact and light weight these machines can get into places that other access machines can not. The light weight of these machines is perfect for use on wooden floors or low load bearing structures.

ProductStar 1030AMGR-15GR-20
Platform Height8m9.14m4.47m6.07m
Working Height10m11.14m6.47m8.07m
Stowed Height2m2.64m1.57m1.98m
Stowed Width1m0.75m0.75m0.8m
Stowed Length2.65m1.46m1.35m1.35m
Platform Size0.99m x 0.7m0.66m x 0.66m1.4m x 0.75m1.4m x 0.75m
Lift Capacity200kg135kg227kg159kg