Electric Scissor Lift Hire

At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire we have a variety of electric scissors to suit your needs.

Electric scissor lifts are perfect for use on flat concrete surfaces. We have wide body models as well as narrow body models for those tight spaces. We have machines suitable for indoor & outdoor applications. Entry access an issue, no problem our machines have collapsible rails for those tight entrances.

The electric scissor lifts are battery powered and have non marking tyres, perfect for working indoors where pollution can be an issue.

Product 1930ES 2630ES 2646ES 3246ES 40′ Electric
Platform Height 5.72m 7.75m 7.92m 9.68m 11.8m
Working Height 7.55m 9.38m 9.75m 11.51m 13.8m
Stowed Height 1.98m 2.20m 2.33m 2.33m 2.5m
Stowed Width 0.76m 0.76m 1.17m 1.17m 1.2m
Stowed Length 1.87m 2.30m 2.50m 2.50m 2.45m
Platform Size 1.87m x 0.76m 2.30m x 0.76m 2.50m x 1.17m 2.50m x 1.17m 2.45m x 1.2m
Lift Capacity 230kg 230kg 450kg 320kg 350kg
Platform Extension 0.91m 0.91m 0.91m 0.91m 0.92m
Weight 1,500kg 2,155kg 2,550kg 2,800kg 3,170kg