Get Straight Lift Rentals in Brisbane with Safety Assurance

Safety assurances are necessary for any construction equipment, but they are especially important for straight boom lifts. Telescopic booms have to be ready for rugged worksite performance. They have to deliver maximum height and outreach capability without putting worksite personnel at risk. They have to be robust and durable enough to lift heavy-duty loads. They also have to operate on diesel power with limited creation of harmful fumes.

A Commitment to Safety

At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we offer straight booms both for sale and for rent in Brisbane. Regardless of which option you choose; you can expect the utmost quality from your selected equipment. Since 1997, when we first started offering equipment rentals and sales in Brisbane, we have strived to build a reputation as a safe company.

We have succeeded in that goal by always going the extra mile for our customers. When you get a piece of machinery from us—whether through purchase or hire arrangement—you can trust that we aren’t just passing the equipment from one user to the next. On the contrary, we are consistently testing, servicing and maintaining our equipment to make sure that it is fully functional for each new renter or the ultimate buyer.

If you choose to work with us to find straight booms for sale in Brisbane, you will also get onsite safety and quality assurances from us. We can deliver your new boom lift to the site of your choosing following your purchase. Once there, we will unload the machinery, help to set it up and assist you or your team in learning how to use it. Before we leave, we want to make sure that you are operating the machinery safely, and the configuration of the equipment is correct.

In short, when you shop with Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, you can trust that we care. When we offer a straight boom for sale in Brisbane, we don’t take the tack of ‘once it’s sold it’s not our problem anymore.’ We want you and your team or business to have the safest and most positive experience with your lift as possible. Through care, maintenance, delivery, setup and a bit of teaching, we repeatedly ensure that every purchase or rental experience processed through our business is a good one.

Don’t Settle for Shoddy Equipment: Shop with Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire to Find Straight Booms for Sale

Straight boom lifts are expensive pieces of equipment. If you are scouring Brisbane to find a straight boom for sale, then you deserve to get the best product possible for your investment. At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we will deliver machinery that is safe and dependable. From rugged worksite performance to safe outreach capability, all the way to exemplary load capacities, our lifts reflect the quality of their well-known brands and our strong sense of care and maintenance.

Are you interested in collaborating with Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire to find straight booms for sale in Brisbane? Call our team today on 07 3869 2322.