Trying to Locate a Straight Boom for Hire in Brisbane?

If there’s one thing you can count on a straight boom for, is it’s reach. A straight boom can quite literally help your workers reach new heights by taking them up to areas that can’t be accessed by any other means and allowing them to bring their tools with them. This makes a straight boom a must-have for many companies involved in infrastructure and the trades, as well as a major asset for workers in large warehouses. But purchasing a straight boom can be incredibly expensive, and not every straight boom is capable of reaching every area. Because of this, your best bet is to find a straight boom for hire instead of spending the money to buy one of your own. The only question is where to find a high quality straight boom for hire in the Brisbane area—but now, one company has an easy answer for anyone who is serious about getting a great straight boom for their work.

Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire began in 1997, and now offers many other lift options for hire in addition to our scissor lifts. The features that distinguish us from other industrial equipment rental companies sound simple but make all the difference. We offer only the highest quality products; we get them to you on time, and we focus exclusively on lifts so that you can be sure you’re getting products from people who have chosen their merchandise carefully. Because of this, we’ve managed to achieve a fantastic level of success over the years since we began to hire out lifts in the Brisbane area. Straight boom hire is easy when you go through our company, and here’s why:

State of the Art Straight Boom Lifts for Hire in Brisbane

We’re not like other companies, whose main selling point might be related to the volume of available products they carry. What’s the use in offering a wide selection of machinery if most of it is poor quality or won’t serve the customer’s purposes? With Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, however, you’ll never encounter this problem, because we’ll never try to rent you a straight boom or any other kind of lift that doesn’t come from one of the industry’s trusted leading brands. We use equipment made by companies like JLG or Genie so that you can rest assured that you’re hiring the best when you hire a straight boom from us.

A Company that Delivers Your Boom

Yes, you read that correctly: Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire will bring your straight boom out to your job site when you hire it from us. Our tilt tray trucks make it easy to bring your boom right to you, which saves you from wasting time by coming out to pick it up yourself. With our commitment to helping you save time and our array of high quality products, it’s no wonder that clients all over Brisbane are trusting us when they need a straight boom for hire. Call us today or check out our website to find out how we can get you the right boom for your business.