Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire: Offering Scissor Lifts for Sale in Brisbane, with Delivery Options Available

Are you looking for scissor lifts for sale in Brisbane? If so, Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire can help. Though ‘scissor lift hire’ is in our brand name (and is still the core of our business) we also offer this equipment for purchase. If your company uses scissor lifts on a regular basis or needs one for a long-term project, then purchasing one might be the logical course of action.

Simplifying the Scissor Lift Purchase Process with Delivery Capability

At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we want to make the purchase process as easy as it can be. Whether you choose the ‘for sale’ or ‘for hire’ option for your Brisbane scissor lift needs, one of the big hurdles is getting the equipment out to your worksite, warehouse or storage facility.

Indeed, in its most compact state, our smallest scissor lift model measures 1.98 metres in height, 0.87 metres in width and 1.87 metres in length. That model weighs in at 1,500 kilogrammes. The largest scissor lift in our fleet, meanwhile, weighs 8,247 kilogrammes and has stowed dimensions of 2.47 metres (height), 2.29 metre (width) and 4.88 metres (length). These pieces of machinery, in other words, are not things you can load onto the average van or truck.

Luckily, when you work with Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire to find a scissor lift for sale in Brisbane, we can offer delivery options to you. In addition to a huge number of lifts, our company’s equipment fleet includes three heavy tilt tray trucks. These vehicles are perfect for transporting scissor lift models or other machines of any size, dimensions or weight. Furthermore, we time each delivery based on your specified time—so you get your machinery when you expected it and when you needed it.

Find a Brisbane Scissor Lift for Sale Today, through Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire

At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we recognise that our customers might not always have the time or equipment necessary to pick up their scissor lifts from us. With that thought in mind, we are happy to offer our delivery services to any customer. Whether you opted for a machinery rental or decided to purchase one of our scissor lifts for sale in Brisbane, we can always deliver anywhere in Brisbane or throughout the surrounding areas.

If you are interested in learning more about the scissor lift models that we have available for sale in Brisbane, feel free to get in touch. Most of the lifts you see on our website (both on the electric scissor lift and diesel scissor lift pages) are also available for purchase. In any case, we are happy to talk about your options and negotiate possible sale options. We can also talk with you about the pros and cons of buying versus renting, so you can decide which route is the best choice for your business.

To speak with someone at Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, call us on 07 3869 2322 or send us an email at service@bslh.com.au.