Choosing Between Electric and Engine Powered Scissor Lift Hires in Brisbane

Your company is in the process of looking for a scissor lift hire in Brisbane. You need the lifts to reach otherwise inaccessible spots for construction, maintenance or other purposes. You need equipment that you can count on at a cost effective rate, and you need it soon.

At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we can tick all of the boxes in your search for a scissor lift for hire in Brisbane. We have been hiring out scissor lifts to companies like yours since 1997. We also offer reliable and safe equipment for affordable rates, from top brands like JLG and Genie. Best of all, we can deliver your scissor lift rental to your work site ASAP, making our hire service exceptionally convenient and useful.

Electric Scissors Lifts versus Engine Powered Scissor Lifts

One of the questions you will have to answer before you finalise your Brisbane scissor lift ‘for hire’ contract is what type of scissor lift you want. Scissor lifts come in two basic categories. One group features scissor lifts that are powered by electricity. The other category includes lifts that are powered by diesel engines.

Which lift type is right for you? The answer to this question will depend on a few different criteria, including the layout of your site, how much runtime you need out of your lift and whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

An electric scissor lift hire in Brisbane will be optimal for any project where you need to use a scissor lift indoors. More compact than their engine powered counterparts—and featuring collapsible rails—electric scissor lifts are easy to get through tight entrances.

Even more importantly, since these lifts run on battery-power and electricity instead of diesel, they don’t create fumes or pollution concerns—a necessity for indoor work. Their batteries also last an exceedingly long time, which tends to make electric scissor lifts the preferred choice for some outdoor worksites too—at least if they are flat and situated on concrete surfaces.

For outdoor projects with uneven ground, you’ll probably prefer to choose diesel-powered scissor lift hires in Brisbane. With four-wheel drive and other rugged features, engine powered scissor lifts are far better for navigating or traversing rough and unequal work sites. The lift platforms also offer extra lift capacity, both in weight (they are better for handling heavy materials) and space (they offer more room for your team to work).

Get Help Choosing the Right Brisbane Scissor Lift for Hire

If you still aren’t sure whether an electric or diesel powered scissor lift will work better for your upcoming project, feel free to contact us at Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire. We are happy to walk you through our range of lifts, tell you about the pros and cons of each one and help you choose the perfect model for your applications.

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