Brisbane Electric Forklift – Find the Right Machine for Long Term Hire

Forklifts are an iconic piece of machinery that drives home the point that form follows function. There are two main ways that the forklift operates – driving and lifting.

In terms of driving, forklifts are quite uniform and interestingly share a great deal of similarity with golf carts. The engine of a forklift does not need to be high-powered, but instead, have enough torque to move around and rotate at low speeds while carrying a load. In almost all cases, the right forklift is going to be gas-powered, with electric controls for hydraulic lift.

Lifting is where forklifts begin to differentiate, with a few different kinds being used for different purposes. When looking for short term or long term forklift hire, you must identify the right machine for the job.

Several Variations on the Electric Forklift for Hire: Which is Right for You?

Depending on the circumstances, the pros turn to some important variations on the core forklift model. Here are some of the most popular subgenres for long term hire:

  • Counterbalance – Nine times out of ten, businesses that need a forklift for hire in Brisbane will turn to the counterbalance model. Consider this the core or “basic” variation. It’s very straightforward, featuring dual forks for working with heavy loads and bulky items. The counterbalance forklift takes its name from the counterweight used to ensure that the machine remains upright despite a hefty cargo.
  • ReachTrucks – Reach trucks tend to be more specialised. You are most likely to see them in tall, open warehouses and other locations that require high access. While extreme heights require cranes and other specialised equipment, reach trucks are a niche machine. They are particularly useful as an electric forklift hire when a business expects repeated deliveries to a warehouse that demands maximum efficiency for vertical storage.
  • Powered Pallet Trucks – The pallet truck is a modern innovation, taking older pump truck models and powering the lift with an electric hydraulic piston. They are the ideal machine for skids and small packages that need storage and arrangement. By powering the lift, it saves strain on your workforce and lets workers have greater control due to decreased fatigue.
  • Sideloaders – These machines are geared for narrow aisles or for awkwardly shaped packages and pallets that would be too long or bulky for standard forklifts. The side-mounted fork lets the machine navigate through otherwise difficult areas but still load without a problem. Sideloaders tend to be a popular long term hire for grocery warehouses.

Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire Will Find the Machine for Your Needs

Based in Queensland, Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire provides a variety of electric machines. Flexibility is essential when it comes to long term hiring of these machines, as much as finding the right forklift. Machine hire in Brisbane is something that should be painless for you, so we’ll put in the effort to learn about your needs and projects and recommend the right equipment. Contact us today to let us find the best machinery for you.