Looking for a Knuckle Boom Lift for Sale in Brisbane? Try Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire!

Are you looking for a Brisbane knuckle lift rental to finish up a construction, installation or maintenance project? Do you need help picking out the right knuckle boom lift model for the job?

If so, then Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire is a good place to start. We got our start in 1997 by helping businesses in the construction industry get the scissor hire equipment they needed to do their jobs. In the almost two decades that have passed since then, Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire has evolved. ‘Scissor lift’ is still there in our brand name, but we also offer several other types of equipment rentals—including forklifts, man lifts and boom lifts. Our boom lift hires in Brisbane include both knuckle lifts and straight or telescopic lifts.

Guiding Your Way to the Correct Knuckle Lift Rental in Brisbane

In our early days as a business, we devoted all our focus to learning everything there was to know about scissor lift brands and models. Since adding other types of lift to our hire fleet, we have devoted the same level of attention and drive to mastering those types of equipment as well. Today, we are one of Brisbane’s authorities on knuckle boom lifts.

In other words, if you have any questions about a knuckle boom lift model, or if you are looking into the possibility of knuckle lift rentals in Brisbane, then we are the company to call. We are always happy to speak with you and answer any enquiries or concerns that you may have. Perhaps you just want to know a bit more about the differences between knuckle lifts and straight boom lifts, or maybe you have settled on a knuckle lift and need help finding the right model for your Brisbane knuckle lift rental. Either way, don’t be afraid to call us for more information.

Shopping for a knuckle lift rental in Brisbane can certainly be challenging. At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we have eleven different knuckle boom lift models available for hire—compared to just three straight boom lift models. These platforms vary significantly regarding platform height, working height, platform size, lift capacity, weight and necessary storage space. Even the power sources vary, with about half of our knuckle lifts working off electrical power and the other half fuelled by diesel.

Call Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire Today!

You can view our full list of knuckle lifts available for rental in Brisbane by clicking here. However, if you need a bit of advice on which model is right for your project, the quickest way to make a decision is by calling Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire directly. Our customer service separates us from the competition, to make sure you get the very best advice. Whether you are looking into a Brisbane knuckle lift rental or just want to know how our equipment for hire packages work, you can get the answers to your questions by reaching out to Brisbane Scissor Life Hire today. To contact our team, dial 07 3869 2322 or send an email to service@bslh.com.au.