EWP Hire in Brisbane

Discover an Easier Way to Secure a Robust EWP Hire in Brisbane

When you need to accomplish a tough job above the ground, and a ladder simply doesn’t offer the stability or space you need, it’s time to find a reliable EWP hire in Brisbane. Elevated work platforms, when used safely in-line with best practices, provide a more stable and dependable workspace for everyone from builders and painters to home renovators and other trade workers. At Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire, we can equip your project or organisation with everything necessary to reach heights safely and efficiently. Whether you need an all-terrain EWP in Brisbane or another type of platform, you’ll find what you need in our fleet. 

Creative Ways to Use an Electric Work Platform in Brisbane

One of the best reasons to use a boom EWP in Brisbane is its versatility. Whether you choose a straight stick or a knuckle boom, you’ll find it offers a level of flexibility that makes work in a variety of tasks much more straightforward. Some of those tasks could include:

  • Using a boom lift EWP in Brisbane to reach difficult areas for in-depth cleaning or maintenance, such as beneath the eaves of taller buildings. For trades providing exterior cleaning services, painting, and repair, the ability to move up beneath an area to begin work is essential. Knuckle booms offer a wide range of movement that affords the operator more opportunities to elevate themselves into a place that would be impossible to reach with a ladder or a larger work platform.
  • Hiring a man lift for use on sensitive surfaces or even indoors, such as in gymnasiums and other sports complexes. The wooden floors often used in these areas cannot withstand the stress of heavy machinery for long without suffering from damage. We’re able to supply an EWP lift in Brisbane that is lightweight enough for use on wooden floors while remaining versatile enough to allow a worker to reach the upper levels of the structure for maintenance.
  • Setting up promotional materials in indoor spaces where you will need to work at heights for extended periods to secure posters, banners, and other materials. Our electric scissor lift is the ideal choice for such a job, providing a larger work platform while running on battery power to avoid releasing noxious fumes into a small space. Special tyres prevent scuffing and marking of flooring, too.

Why You Should Rely Upon Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire

When you know you need EWP equipment in Brisbane, finding a service provider with the abilities that align with your requirements should not be a challenge. We’ve worked hard to provide options that meet a wide range of demands; here’s why you can depend on us:

  • We maintain an extremely robust fleet of EWPs. Despite more than 20 years of operation, we are still continually re-investing in our business to remain on the cutting edge. As a result, the majority of our fleet includes platforms no more than three years old. Not only does this allow us to provide our clients with access to the latest changes in technology, but it also affords a higher safety margin. Well-maintained and with low overall operating hours, you and your crews can work with confidence.
  • We have a fleet of trucks, too. Why waste valuable time transporting equipment to and from the job site when you could spend it working on meeting deadlines instead? We aim to save you time with a boom EWP hire in Brisbane that comes to you. Simply let us know where you require assistance, and we will drop off the platform at the appropriate area.
  • Safe operation is crucial for us. We will always take the time to work with you or your staff to provide a quick course in operational procedures for these platforms. By providing in-depth insights into how to use this equipment properly, we can foster better outcomes and safer job sites everywhere.

Why Trust Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire When You Need an EWP Boom Lift in Brisbane?

Hiring equipment is a process founded in part on trust — trust in the provider’s abilities, in their maintenance, and in their equipment itself. We understand how important it is to build these bonds of trust with our clients. Here’s how we accomplish that task:

  • We are always here to answer your questions, no matter your concern. From operational concerns to hire extensions and more, our customer service team can deftly handle your queries and supply you with important information without delay.
  • We are focused on solutions. Not sure precisely what type of platform you will need? Let us know about the parameters of the job and our staff will point you in the right direction with a cost-effective hire option.
  • Our years of experience have allowed us to establish a clear track record of success. With a considerable number of happy clients, we’re proud of our work and remain excited about the opportunity to continue contributing to the success of projects throughout the Brisbane area.

Why You Should Work with Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire Today

From our extremely well-maintained fleet to our ability to provide drop-off and pick-up service from many locations throughout the area, make our team your first call when you require a boom EWP hire in Brisbane. Our Australian-owned and run business is extremely solutions-focused and motivated towards helping you accomplish your goals. Contact us today to arrange for the right equipment.