Straight Boom Hire

With excellent horizontal reach that no other machine can match and heights ranging from 45’ to 150’ these machines go where not others can go. You need to go sky high, the straight stick is your answer.

Product 45′ Straight 65′ Straight 80′ Straight
Platform Height 13.7m 18.39m 24.38m
Working Height 15.5m 21.8m 26.38m
Stowed Height 2.5m 2.72m 3.02m
Stowed Width 2.3m 2.49m 2.49m
Stowed Length 8.5m 9.5m 11.35m
Platform Size 1.83m x 0.76m 2.44m x 0.91m 2.44m x 0.91m
Lift Capacity 227kg 227kg 230kg
Weight 6,709kg 10,349kg 16.488kg