Knuckle Boom Lifts or Straight Boom Lifts: Which Brisbane Boom Lift Hire is Right for You

If you have been perusing the Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire website, then you know that we offer two different categories of boom lifts for hire: ‘knuckle’ boom lifts and ‘straight’ boom lifts. What is the difference between these two types of lifts, and which is right for your project? Read on to learn more about these pieces of machinery and their various assorted benefits.

Knuckle versus Straight: Knowing the Key Differences Between the Common Boom Lift Hire Options in Brisbane

The first thing you should be aware of regarding knuckle boom lifts and straight boom lifts is that different terms can identify them depending on who you ask or the company from who you choose to rent or buy.

Knuckle booms, for instance, are also often referred to as ‘articulating booms’ or even ‘up-and-over booms.’ These types of boom lifts have various hinges or ‘knuckles’ along the boom that can change or ‘articulate’ the direction of the lift. This feature illuminates the key benefit of a knuckle boom: since the boom doesn’t have to be just a straight line from the lifting mechanism to the lift platform, a knuckle lift can be used to reach ‘up and over’ various obstacles or obstructions. They are incredibly useful, then, for accessing difficult-to-reach spots on a construction site.

Your search for a Brisbane boom lift hire might also take you to straight boom lifts, which are also known as telescopic booms. As you might expect, these booms extend like a telescope. They do not have knuckles or hinges to reach up and over worksite obstructions. Instead, the boom itself is straight, forming a sloping or triangular angle from the lifting mechanism up to the platform.

Of course, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, which means that straight boom lift hires in Brisbane will be able to give you better range than knuckle boom lifts. If you need to get the most out of both the height and outreach capability of your lift, then a telescopic boom is the recommended type of lift for you.

Choosing the Right Boom Lift for Your Worksite

So which of these boom lifts is the right boom lift hire for your Brisbane project needs?

Obviously, if you need to avoid obstructions, go for the knuckle lift. If you need maximum reach capability, go for a straight lift. However, several other factors also might figure into your consideration. For instance, knuckle boom lifts are better for indoor work (electric models are available) or for working in tight spaces. Straight booms, meanwhile, tend to be preferable for rough and uneven outdoor sites.

In any case, regardless of which Brisbane boom lift hire you are looking for, Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire can help. We have various models available in both the knuckle boom and straight boom lift variations and are happy to help you navigate your way to the best model for you. Call us on 07 3869 2322 when you are ready to get started.