Considering a Lift Rental? Articulating Lift Rentals Now Available Throughout Brisbane

Articulating lifts can be extraordinarily useful for many purposes related to warehouse work, civil engineering, the trades, and other industries. They allow you to get into high up and hard to reach places for as long as you need, which can be a real boon to workers who use large or cumbersome tools and can’t rely on a good old-fashioned ladder. Plus, there’s the extra manoeuvrability that comes with a lift that’s able to bend and swivel, for those tight spots obstructed by curves, corners or debris. So if you’re serious about the work you do, an articulating lift may be the way to go.

Hold on, though—an articulating lift can be extremely pricey, and even if you could afford to buy one, you might not be able to find one lift suited to an entire range of different heights. Articulating lifts can vary in platform height, and many are anywhere between eight and thirty-eight metres. So what should you get if you typically work with a diverse range of locations at various heights? Well, you can still get an articulating lift, but your best option might not be to buy one.

One company offers quality articulating lift rentals for Brisbane and the surrounding area. Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire opened in 1997 but has since evolved from renting out scissor lifts exclusively to carrying a whole line of lifts suitable for different purposes, including our articulating lifts. The lifts we carry are some of the best available anywhere in Australia since we only stock models made by top industry players. And better yet, we’ll offer amazing support to you and your company when you contact us to rent one of them. When you’re looking in Brisbane for an articulating lift rental, Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire should be the very first call you make. Here’s why our customers have been coming to us for almost 20 years.

Don’t Pick Up Your Articulating Lift Rental in Brisbane—Get It Delivered

We understand that your time is incredibly valuable when you’re running a business and that every wasted minute is like you’re leaking money. That’s why we don’t expect you to go out of your way to cross town and pick up the lift you want to rent from us. Besides, a thirty-eight-meter articulating lift might be quite difficult to move unless you have a huge truck. But you don’t need one when you rent from us because we have one of our own. Three, actually. Our rentals come straight to your job site on one of our three huge tilt tray trucks meant specifically for that purpose. We make it easy to get the equipment you need so that you can keep right on going with your work.

A Time Honoured Reputation and Excellent Customer Service

We do more than just provide you with rentals—we also help set them up for you when they arrive, and make sure that your employees are using them correctly to help keep you and the equipment safe. This kind of comprehensive customer support is part of what’s made us so popular with our clients over the years, and it’s why we’re confident that we can find the right rental for you. Call Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire today or visit us online to learn more about the products and services we offer. We’re looking forward to giving your business a boost.